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Conference about Shcengen  area

   Town of Čierna nad Tisou in frame of  YEF – Youth for Europe´s Future programme organized between 29.7.2016 and 30.7.2016 two day long workshop event which main theme was Schengen area its borders, protection and benefits rises from EU citizenship. The project was realized with twinned settlement from five countries Ajak(Hungary), Lupeni (Romania), Alehoy (Bulgaria) and Hyzne (Poland).

During this 2-day long event a conference dedicated to Schechgen border, its meaning and protection, which is secured by Slovak republic, specially the east Schengen border between Slovakia and Ukraine was held. Conference presentation was prepared with cooperation of Slovak police border protection department – East headquarter from Sobrance. Representatives of border police during presentation clarified some basic facts and information connected with this particular Schengen border section like its history, genesis of its creation etc. Next part of conference was dedicated to benefits and assets for citizens which countries belongs to Schnengen area in field of free movement of persons and good. Last part of conference was connected with some safety issues, where some approaches of protection and border security ensuring by Slovak border police were explained. These part was interconnected with presentation of several police equipment presentation used during professional service as well as presentation of police dogs specially trained for drug and other forbidden item detection intervention.

After official part of conference walking lecture – field visit of nearby Schengen border took place where some practical examples of previous conference interpretation were shown. Event which was organized in frame of YEF project visited around 100 participants, including abroad representatives.

Aim and expected result of this prevent realization was to emphasis benefits which raises from EU and Schengen area belongings and refer to importance of this border protection against outer elements.

Main asset for young people which took place in project events is better orientation in matters concerning Schengen area, better understanding of this institute philosophy and benefits for themselves.


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